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green spot algea

This is a question about green spot algae.  I am trying to ascertain if 
it is a big a problem for other people as it is for me and hopefully find 
out what I am doing differently.  Is it impossible to have a green spot 
algae free tank?.  I have controlled every other type of algae to the 
point where they are non - visible by use of CO2, algae eaters and PMDD. 
 Although I do not have test kits for iron or nitrates I think I have 
worked out the ultimate concentration (iron  = 0.1 PPM) using 3/4 ml per 
day (water change 25% every 10 days, 55gal).

However, I still have green spot algae growing on surfaces of swords, 
crypts, bottom leaves of bunch plants,  in fact any surface that remains 
in the light for enough time to grow green spot algae.  I noticed that 
even Sears and Conlin reported small amounts of GSA in their experimental 
tanks.  I do feel that I am getting more than a small amount.  It makes 
any plant other than a constantly growing bunch plant aesthetically 
unpleasant and unAmanoican.  Is it simply a question of tweaking the PMDD 
formula/ dosage ?.   I have soft water 1 maybe 2 KH.  I have thought it 
may be lack of CO2 but my plants at least occasionally bubble.  Any help 
from those who have mastered GSA would be greatly appreciated.

I had a sword recently melt one of its new leaves before it had even had 
a chance to develop fully.  Like it just couldnít face going on knowing 
itís destiny was to be plastered with little green spots.

David Brooks