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Re: green spot algae

David Brooks wrote:

> This is a question about green spot algae.  I am trying to ascertain if
> it is a big a problem for other people as it is for me and hopefully find
> out what I am doing differently.  Is it impossible to have a green spot
> algae free tank?.  I have controlled every other type of algae to the
> point where they are non - visible by use of CO2, algae eaters and PMDD.
>  Although I do not have test kits for iron or nitrates I think I have
> worked out the ultimate concentration (iron  = 0.1 PPM) using 3/4 ml per
> day (water change 25% every 10 days, 55gal).

I too have green spot algae problem, but mostly on the glass, which can
be clean quite easily every few weeks.

Green spot is also on slow growing plants such as java ferns and anubias.
It is also on older leaves of penny worts.  May be I am less picky, but
it does not bother me.  Fast growers seem to have the ability to fight
it off though.

Algae eaters (otto, common pl*co, SAE) seem to help a little.  But those fish
are in the tank from very early on, I can't tell what kind of differences
they made.

The only luck I had was the bristle nose pleco.  I used to have one in the
tank and with its help, I only needed to clean the glass occasionally.
Unfortunately, it developed a taste for amazon sword and I removed it from
the tank.