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Re: green spot algea

>Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 09:44:04 -0700
>From: babar100 at ix_netcom.com
>This is a question about green spot algae.  I am trying to ascertain if 
>it is a big a problem for other people as it is for me and hopefully find 
>out what I am doing differently.  Is it impossible to have a green spot 
>algae free tank?.  I have controlled every other type of algae to the 
>point where they are non - visible by use of CO2, algae eaters and PMDD. 
> Although I do not have test kits for iron or nitrates I think I have 
>worked out the ultimate concentration (iron  = 0.1 PPM) using 3/4 ml per 
>day (water change 25% every 10 days, 55gal).

I don't know the how on this, but yes it is possible to have a brightly-lit
tank free of green spot algae.  All of my tanks are either completely or
virtually free of it.

The only tank that gets any spot algae at all is the 55g, in which I'm 
raising up six juvenile angelfish to adulthood.

The other tanks are algae-free, except for my experimental bog tank, which
has some organic matter in the substrate and has all sorts of green and
algae in it.  The nice part about this tank is that where the plants are 
growing, the algae is receding.

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