Re: A better hood for a planted tank

George booth wrote:
>After seeing the hoods that were available commercially, I designed my
>own that has worked very well.  In concept, it is a full hood that has
>been cut in half from side to side.  A piano hinge allows the front
>part to flip up and rest on the back part, leaving the front half of
>the tank open and accessible and allowing the rear set of lights to
>continue to illuminate the tank.  The rear half can be slid back
>towards the wall a few inches to gain even more access.  I have been
>using two of these for about seven years now and would not change a
>thing.  Four thumbs up.
>Full DIY instructions are archived in the Krib or I can e-mail them
>to intersted parties or repost it here in the APD.

Bad timing George! Just went to check out your great design and the Krib is
down because of a failed disk drive. The undated message says it may take
weeks. I guess your gonna be getting a lot of e-mail requests.