Howdy folks...

The biggest problem with using antibiotics in a tank is that you have to be 
sure that you are using the PROPER antibiotic.  Erythromycin is very good 
all purpose antibiotic of killing GRAM-POSITIVE bacteria (like cyanos) but 
it will not harm the GRAM-NEGATIVE bacteria that live within the 
filter...and within the tissues of your fish and plants.  In biotechnology, 
kanamycin is used to KILL plants that have not picked up the gene for 
kanamycin resistance (along with some other wonderful powerful 
gene-of-interest).  The mode of killing is through the destruction of the 
chloroplasts.....without which the plants turns white...shrivels up...and 

Use the correct antibiotic...or use nothing at all.  If you absolutely, 
positively have to have some of the stuff right away...call some mail order 
place and have them fed-ex it to you.  It would be cheaper than killing your 
plants.  You are probably now saying "Well...it worked...what is everyone 
getting into a huff about?"  The fact is that it worked this time...but what 
about next time..or when someone says"This problems is so bad...that i am 
going to use THREE times as much antibiotic." This can be almost as bad as 
using little small doses...as those bugs that were originally resistant to 
the lower doses and now going to succomb to the higher does.  But enough on 
this thread....you only want to protect your investment.  I had MAJOR 
probelms with cyanos when i first set up my tank. Erythromycin kicked them 
back...but they still returned...until the tank has stabilized...now i never 
see 'em.


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