Re: Holes In Leaves

Hi,  Great timing for this question because I have holes develope in my
leaves when I do a trimming.  The only reasons I have read that would cause
holes are snails, fish, or a lack of a nutrient.  My swords however will get
holes in the leaves if I pull some of the older leaves off.  This only
happens to new leaves, not to the mature leaves.  What happens is that the
new emerging leaves come out with holes in them.  The only reason I can
think of is shock.  I pulled some old leaves off my sword 4 days ago, and
the new leaves that are emerging have holes in them.  This will happen every
time I do this.  Other than this, I never get holes in my leaves.  Is this
common?  I did not see this cause in the FAQ.  Maybe it should be added?  


"There are always exceptions to the rules"