What do I do with Kribensis babies?!

About twenty days ago, I bought a pair of Pelvicachromis pulcher on sale
at a local store, and today I see a school of baby Kribs swimming around
the mother in front a piece of driftwood in my 2-month old community plant
tank!  Not bad for 2 for $5 special. I have read Erik's excellent and
funny article on breeding Kribs (hey Erik, this is sooo easy :-)), but I
still have some questions. Erik said that I should siphon out some of the
fry, but I have trouble getting to them in the densely planted tank.  Any
chance some of the fry will survive if I simply leave them alone in a
90gal tank with lots of plants to hide in between? Their biggest enemy is
probably the four medium angels I have in there. The three corys and four
false siamensis may be a problem too. The rest of the assorted livebearers
and algae eaters are probably ok. I don't think taking out the angels plus
other fish is an option since my other tank is only 20gal. Any

Sorry if this is not directly related to plants - but I thought many 
plant people had an interest in dwarf Cichlids like the Kribensis...

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