Milky water

Hi All,

I recently had a problem with algae, so I tore down the tank and 
cleaned everything, add new sponge's  and carbon in the side mount and 
the Fluval 203 on my 55 gallon tank.  I realize that this removes the 
good bacteria, but I was getting tired of cleaning the talk every 4-5 
days. The algae came back in full force in about a week.  At about two 
weeks, I got 5 oto's and 2 SAE's, and in about 48 hours they had the 
tank spotless of algae on all of the 35 plants.  I have recorded this 
as a learning experience in letting mother nature and her fish clean 
the tank, but now the water has turned a 'milky see through' white 
color.  Does anyone know why this would be the case?  I have been doing 
a 40% water change every other day hoping that this phase would become 
history.  The fish seem fine and the plants are growing nicely now.  
After the oto's had cleaned the tank, there was a lot of waste from the 
fish at the bottom, but the ammonia and nitrate levels seem fine also.  
Anyone have any clues?