Green Spot Algae - revisited

> From: George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com>
> Date: Fri, 18 Aug 1995 09:35:02 -0600
> Subject: Re: Green spot algae eaters
> > Could you describe this green spot algae more? (without putting it
> > under the microscope ;-) Does it have tufts or hairs and is it
> > extremely hard to get it off?
> It starts as a little bright green dot and can grow to the size of 2
> mm in two weeks. It can be rubbed off acrylic tanks with a soft cloth
> and elbow grease but requires something more robust in a glass tank. 
> At this size, there are no tufts or hairs, just a smooth green spot. 
> Some of the really old Anubias leaves will get this also; it looks
> like someone painted a lighter green area on the plant. 
I have/had what appears to be green spot algae. I purchased the Penn-Plax
magna cleaner and magna scarper (? the actual names; $7.? & $8.? from TFP).
The magna cleaner (brillo-pad texture on the scrubbing surface) was not
effective at all on the established spots.

The magna scraper, however, surprised me in its effectiveness. It places a 
razor blade nearly perpendicular to the glass as it slides along, tearing
off the dots (& whatever else is hanging on to the glass). There are no 
aparent signs of damage to the glass (I would NOT use this on acrylic).
It is also a lot easier to drive the magnet around from the outside than 
it is to use the "scrubber on a stick" technique.

OTOH, I am not sure how I would use it on plant leaves ;). 

I recommend this product to the glass aquarium owner who is disappointed in
the outcome from the "safer" magnetic cleaning devices.

Also, I only used the scraper once, and have since been able to keep up with 
the spots using the cleaner.

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