Re: 20G Tank and New Light Setup

Subject: [Q] new 20 gal planted tank...

> I have just set up a 20 gal tall planted tank, after digesting the FAQ's,
> and I have a few questions.


> 1). Given my light levels, what would some good plants be for this tank wh
> it is established? I intend to replace some of the hygro. and I'm not sure 
>if I have high, low, or moderate illumination. Water temp 76 degrees.

Assuming that your water is not too hard, and that with your yeast reactor 
you can keep the pH moderated near neutral or a little below, you should 
have a wide range of plants to work with... certainly more than will fit in 
20G tank!<g>  I'd just avoid plants that are really light-hungry.
> 2). I have an Aquaclear "mini" power filter, and was wondering if I shoul
> get some organisms to root through the gravel for aeration. I can't find 
>trumpet snails in Sydney, any other suggestions ?

If you can find them, fine, if not, you will find that the root growth in 
the tank keeps the substrate in good condition anyway.
> 3). I intend to buy iron, nitrite, hardness, and nitrate test kits soon (i
> addition to the ammonia/pH kits that I have).
> Will these be worthwhile, and am I missing any ??

I don't bother with testing nitrite much... once a tank is cycled, you 
shouldn't see any nitrite unless you have a disaster.<g>  If you are using 
supplemental CO2, however, you really need a KH test kit so that you can 
figure the CO2 level in your tank.  Additionally, I would ad a phosphate 
test kit, since phosphate levels are often the culprit when algae problems 
are encountered.


> Subject: New Light Setup

> I was thinking of modifying my hood on my 60 gal plant tank so that it > 
will hold more light's then it has...I have enough room that I
> can put 5 36" bulb's <snip> do you think this would be to much light? 

I don't think it's possible to put "too much" flourescent light over a tank. 
 Just remember that you have to supplement CO2 and trace elements in high 
light conditions to keep the tank in balance.  If you don't want to do that, 
you need to stick with less light, and low-light tolerant plants.