Re: A. ellensis

>Lil Banchik writes,  Mon, 14 Aug 1995 07:00:15 -0400
>Don't want to sound like I'm bragging but my A. ellensis  just burst into
>bloom after only 2 months and now I have seeds developing.   How do I ripen
>and plant the seeds and does this mean that the parent plant is about to go
>dormant or die?
Give the plant good light, CO2, and a shot of nutrients, if possible, while
the seeds are developing.  Soon, they will come off the plant and float
away.  The embryos are enclosed in a spongy envelope at this time.  Soon
the envelope will disintegrate, and the embryos will fall to the bottom.
They are ready to be planted in sand or soil.  The plant should continue to
flower and produce seeds for a number of months, if given good growing

Paul Krombholz