Stupid nitrate testing


 >>  how many of you believe that 160 ppm is the right level, and who do vote
for 5 ppm? :-) <<

 I vote for the 5ppm.<g>  It seems to me that a heavily planted healthy tank
in the hands of an experienced aquatic gardener (which from your previous
posts you appear to be) should use up almost all of the nitrogenous wastes
products in the tank as they are produced.  While, like you, I change about
30% of my water weekly, on the infrequent occassions that the tank have been
left for longer, there have never been much (if any) nitrate build up.  When
you add that to the fact that you _did_ a number of large closely spaced water
changes, the 160ppm reading becomes even more suspect!

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 02-Aug-1995