Re: metal halide lights

> From: mleather at tbdmil_com
> [snip] Question is are there hoods or lights readily available
> in metal [halide] or is it a custom build it your self project.  Also what
> about something like 75 watts?  And what do these cost?  And where do you
> get them from?

For wattage, go with whatever is close to the wattage that you require.  I don't
know exactly what might be available.  A good place to try is a hydroponics
store.  I got a 250 watt custom job made for $125 cdn.  If you can check the
archives, there's a fair amount of discussion there on MH lighting.  Mine was
made up from parts (by the hydroponics place) rather than a product, hence the
savings.  They specialized in used stuff.  Always use a new bulb since the old
ones can fail spectacularly in old age.  Ensure the lamp fixture is metal and
has a glass shield below the bulb for protection in case of bulb failure (see
archive).  You don't use a hood with them; they can hang from a hook in the
ceiling.  Ensure the hook is into wood joist or use a "butterfly" style lamp
hook from your hardware store.