Lighting for 29 gal.

> Well I'm looking for some advice from anyone out there familuar with
> 29 gallon plant tanks. After a compromise with my wife we have set up
> a pair of 29 tanks in our family room. Presently I have installed 2-
> 20 watt florescent tubes over each. The light does not really look
> adequate for good plant growth as I look at it. Has anyone had great
> success using 29 gallon tanks for plants? And if so what kind of
> lighting did you use? 
> dennis

I have a tall 30gal. (24" deep) that has been doing very well with two 20W
Sylvania Gro-lux tubes. It does tend to get a little dim if I don't keep
everything pruned, however. I left room in my hood for an additional pair of
tubes, and have been thinking of adding them.