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Re: [APD] Natural gas heating vs coil heater

> I don't think the problem is designing or running the reactors, it's what
> you do with the spent fuel.

I don't see what the problem of storing it in warehouses is.  The only
REAL problem is running out of u-238, by which then won't be a problem
because we'd be well into the age of cold fusion that is to say if
they earnestly invested in some real R&D, and not spent time on
nihilistically pressing matters such as barbaric pseudo-scientific

> "The US is currently planning disposal in deep geological formations, such
> as Yucca Mountain, where it has to be shielded and packaged to prevent its
> migration to mankind's immediate environment for thousands if not millions
> of years."

It's not like aliens are going to come and destroy earth, and boom
we'll be left with tons of radioactive material that we know not from
whence came...  Humanity progresses, and so does capitalism.  This
information is passed down from generation to generation.

That is, of course, unless Jorge Bush gets us killed.

Just to stay a little back on topic.  I was in the Ukraine, Kharkov to
be exact amongst other cities (What a godforsaken hellhole - downtown
that is - not as bad as Toronto though).  A friend who shared the same
interest in aquaria as I did took me to some fish market in the middle
of nowhere.  It was kind of surreal.  We got off the subway (They call
it "metro" over there), and we went down some short snowy cliffs till
we finally arrived.

For airstone pumps, the vendors used these small little leather
pouches which they inflated with manual pumps.  To heat the aquarium,
they would place the tank atop a metal frame and underneath they would
use kerosene lamps.  Nice selection of cichlids too, lots of specimens
I hadn't seen in Big Al's (My LFS) back then anyways.

Like I said - it was surreal.
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