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Re: [APD] 2007 Aquascaping Contest Entries -- sneak preview

I believe Erik Olson wrote this email section below:
> Quickie forwarded note from the AGA forum:
> We're opening the aquascaping contest tonight/this afternoon, but if 
> you're familiar with the bittorrent protocol, you can download the entire 
> contest (89 megabyes!) results RIGHT NOW, and view it at your leisure on 
> your own local hard drive.  Our only request is that you leave your client 
> up to help share the bandwidth and ease the load on the website, which 
> will be swamped tonight (we had 191 entries this year, compared with 120 
> last year!).
> The torrent file can be downloaded at
> http://test.thekrib.com/aga2007-archive.zip.torrent

Sure, I'll seed it. 89MB is a small drop in the Ocean.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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