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Re: [APD] Colorblindness and GH

Bill D wrote:
> Decades ago there was a test kit that measured hardness by adding a fluid
> drop by drop to a vial that contained the water to be tested.  After
> shaking, when the bubbles lasted longer than a minute, the number of drops
> equaled the GH in degrees.  When I got a color-changing test kit, the
> results of the two tests were about the same.
> I imagine you could come up with a diluted soap solution that could be used
> to measure hardness, but if you don't need to, you don't have to.

It's really a side effect of calcium test kits. They are all impossible 
to use for me. I seem to be able to get a long fine with every other 
test kit I've had occasion to use, but never found a way to use any that 
measure calcium.

A side effect of colorblindness is that you are keenly aware of how your 
eyes can deceive you. This makes using anything color related a highly 
dubious proposition. pH test kits are a perfect example. You don't have 
to be able to ascertain the degree of redness to see pH because you can 
just compare it directly. The problem comes about when the color doesn't 
quite match anything on the strip. When you're colorblind you're never 
sure if it's what you think it is. Oh well. Good thing for digital meters.

Jerry Baker
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