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[APD] Help me prevent a fatal accident or injury

When hooking up the wiring for my lights I wanted to make something that 
would be easy to disconnect from the ballast and keep all the wires 
bundled. I just cut a 16/3 extension wire and wired the female end to 
the ballast and the male end to the light fixture. Perfect. Works great. 
Then it dawns on me that some day, somewhere, somehow, someone is going 
to stick the end from the light bulb directly into a wall socket. I 
can't prevent that while using this connection, but I would like ideas 
on making it much less likely (other than a label or something). 
Hopefully something obvious to someone not familiar with the setup.

Thanks for any ideas.

Maybe 120V isn't enough to power a MH bulb and nothing will happen, but 
I don't wanna find out the hard way.

Jerry Baker
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