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Re: [APD] Fish that eat algae

I believe Terry Barber wrote this email section below:
> Stuart mentioned that his mollies do a good job.  I have also used rosy
> barbs in my tanks - but they are horrible for pulling up the small plants -
> otherwise they did a good job.   How about the mollies?   Are they easier on
> the plants?

Well I can't say if they're easier as I've no comparison. :-)
They don't seem to uproot my small plants.

I've bought some Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (4-7cm tall Micro Sword) recently
and the mollies seem to leave them rooted.

Like most fish if the Mollies are kept well fed on flake they'll not eat hair algae.
I let a brood of Molly fry feed on the hair algae for a week now and again.

Stuart Halliday
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