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[APD] Flourish Excel killing my shrimp and snails?

I have kept planted tanks for years, mostly large tanks (55gal, 65 gal, 180 
gal), high light and have always used pressurized C02 with all the bells and 

Recently, I set up a 2.5 gallon metal framed tank and started using Flourish 
Excel.  I moved the Flourite, Onyx, driftwood, plants, fish, shrimp, and 
snails from my existing 180 into this tank.  They were all acclimated before 
being placed into the water.  The tank is lit by a 13 watt CF light inside a 

I am good friends Tom Barr (who will probably see this post and wonder why I 
am seeking advice since he has already given me his).   His recommendation 
for my size tank was 1ml per day, or every other day, which I followed.

My problem is, soon after moving everything into this tank, the shrimp began 
acting erradic, and the snails all layed on the bottom.  Within a few hours, 
all the shrimp were dead, as were the snails.  I have tried acclimating more 
shrimp and snails from my 180 to the 2.5, but the shrimp die within hours, 
and the snails are not too far behind.  The fish seem to hide all day in the 
thick growth, and I rarely see them.

I conducted a large water change this morning, and since that time, without 
adding any Flourish Excel, the fish have become more active and are swimming 
about.  I did add all my other ferts and traces, so I feel confident they 
are not causing my fish any harm.

Am I overdosing the Flourish and causing shrimp and snails to die because of 
it?  I assume whatever is wrong is related only to them, since both the 
shrimp and snails have shells.

If I am overdosing, then does anyone have any idea as to what should be the 
correct dosage given my high light and small size tank?

I also wonder if the metal tank is somehow causing me any problems reacting 
with the Flourish Excel.  I found the tank in a pet store I worked in during 
my college years in the early 90's.  I re-sealed it with aquarium sealant, 
and used it for years as a beta tank, a breeding tank, and for guppies.  I 
never had any fish act like I had thrown them into bleach like my fish, 
shrimp, and snails are acting now.

Plants are also growing slowly for such a high light tank.  I trimmed the 
top off a Bacopa four weeks ago, and just noticed yesterday that a new bud 
has formed where I made the cut.  In my high light, C02 injected tanks, this 
would have happened in 3 or 4 days.

I've searched the archives for any other posts, and while I did find some, I 
didn't see any replies that might shed some light on my situation.

I have also written Seachem for their advice.

Thanks for any help.

Don't be angry with my now Tom! ;^)


Michael Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

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