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Re: [APD] new tank for Angles

At 12:00 PM 2/16/2006 -0500,
>    1. Re: new tank for Angles (Wise, Nicholas)
>Not to rain on your parade or anything, but do you realize that mixing
>sand and flourite is a lost cause.  They will separate quickly. Then you
>will have a layered look.

         Because all my tanks are primarily Fish tanks not aquatic gardens 
and the flourite has rough edges. Very bad for bottom dwellers, also a PITA 
clean as it has all those crevices.  The sand is the top layer, much easier 
to clean, lot better for the corries, ect.  My other tank with sand, I 
hardly have to run the gravel sweeper over the bottom as the corries can 
get to the food instead of it falling in the crevices.  Also my Dwarf 
Subulata didn't grow at all in a gravel/onyx gravel/layerite mix and took 
off when I replaced the gravel with sand.  I don't care if it has a layered 
look.  The plants are there  primarily  balance the eco system, looking 
nice is a secondary benefit.
         And I should get off the computer and get setting it up, the 
flourite came in today instead of Monday.  Dr Fosters and Smith have it on 
sale BTW.

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