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Re: [APD] green water in new tank

Both those cost money so are not an option, if i had that kind of money to
spend on my tanks i would either get bigger tanks or co2 system. alas i have
twin 2yo and im 22 so i have limited cash flow, also im saving up to buy a
house in the next couple of months hopefully before summer so i can plant a
garden and not have to move just as it gets growing.
Im going to try a very large water change, take out enough water so that my
piranha is just covered then fill it back up with clear water, this has
worked out ok in the past so i will try it one last time.

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UV or diatom filter tration will clean the water very quickly. As far
started it, you could be over fertilized with the soil and the added ferts
and no routine dosing pattern. But if the plants start working and the soil
isn't disturbed, the filtration might clean it and clear it up.

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