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[APD] Want to swap rare plants in the SF Bay area?

Then join SFBAAPS!
We are one of the oldest plant local clubs in the USA and now
one of the largest. New folks getting ready to start their first
tanks, old sly scapers, mid level folks, students, teenagers,
gals/guys, a very diverse group of folks show up. 
We have more plants than we can give away most swap meets.

To swap, you need to join, don't worry, I offer a money back
guarantee, errr....it's free to join(at least right now), but
you do need to join. Everyone that has come, keeps coming back.
I've brought members Soil master Pro league charcoal(17.50 a
50lb bag), CO2 gas tanks for cost(65$ for a filled 20lb tank)
etc, we often has shrimp trading(more cherry shrimp that we know
what to do with), rescaping of member's tanks, open houses.

Come by, let me know you are new and I'll introduce you to
folks. It's a nice group of folks and there's something for
every plant person. 

Sunday, Feb 19 
Armadillo Willys 
2260 Bridgepointe Parkway (Bridgepoint Shopping Center) 
San Mateo, CA 94404 
11:00am - 2:00pm 

Show up or I'll curse you and all of your decendents with
virulent strains of BBA:-)

You have nothing to lose and only something to gain by joining,
and I'll bring some HC (Hemianthus callitrichoides)if you do. 

Tom Barr


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