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[APD] new tank

         I am setting up a new 29 gallon for Angles, I don't plan to do C02 
and won't have more than 2 watts a gallon or less.  I haven't purchased a 
light yet, it and plants are about all I haven't bought/ordered.  I am 
going to do fluorite and sand substrate.  I will be doing excel and will be 
setting it up as soon as the fluorite comes in, about a week or so.
         Any suggestions for plants?

As far as all the solar/gas/energy it is WAY past time for it to stop and 
the moderator to take control.  I am getting several digests a day which 
have nothing to do with what the forum is about.  On one of my yahoo lists 
I would warn everyone to stop and then start moderating all offenders after 
my message went out.

    D. Scott Scheibe
<mailto:dsscheibe at earthlink_net>

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