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Re: [APD] Solar energy

>>I believe you understand incorrectly.  The last time I checked the cost of
gasoline in the US -- before taxes -- was actually a few cents per gallon
higher than in every European country before taxes.  I believe that data was
from 2003.<<

Liz, what the heck are you talking about! No offense, I am chuckling,  but
Europe pays several times more for gas than we do, and it has always been
like that. It is well over 5 dollars a gallon in many countries over there.
But I don't know what Stuart means by artificial low prices.  Our government
does not subsidize gas prices or control prices. In fact when prices shot up
this summer and the CEOs of the oil companies were brought before Congress,
there was some pressure that the government should regulate prices. Europe
with its socialistic  governments has much higher taxes than we do, (50% of
income?)  higher prices on consumer products, higher un-employment, and
weaker economies. If "petrol" is five or six dollars per gallon in the UK it
sure isn't causing people to consume less, and I don't think those prices
would make us drive less either, but it sure would hurt our economy.  UPS,
FED X, and the Post Office have all increased their rates and ADDED a fuel
surcharge.  When cost of shipping goes up, cost of goods goes up. It creates
a ripple affect across the whole economy. My Dads social security check gets
smaller and smaller,  and my Mother's nursing home bill gets bigger and

Robert Paul Hudson

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