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Re: [APD] Solar energy

Robert, it's good to see that common sense still exists!  Great posts!

I'll be sure and send you more of my business in the future.

Robert H wrote:
>>> I believe you understand incorrectly.  The last time I checked the cost of
> gasoline in the US -- before taxes -- was actually a few cents per gallon
> higher than in every European country before taxes.  I believe that data was
> from 2003.<<
> Liz, what the heck are you talking about! No offense, I am chuckling,  but
> Europe pays several times more for gas than we do, and it has always been
> like that. It is well over 5 dollars a gallon in many countries over there.
> But I don't know what Stuart means by artificial low prices.  Our government
> does not subsidize gas prices or control prices. In fact when prices shot up
> this summer and the CEOs of the oil companies were brought before Congress,
> there was some pressure that the government should regulate prices. Europe
> with its socialistic  governments has much higher taxes than we do, (50% of
> income?)  higher prices on consumer products, higher un-employment, and
> weaker economies. If "petrol" is five or six dollars per gallon in the UK it
> sure isn't causing people to consume less, and I don't think those prices
> would make us drive less either, but it sure would hurt our economy.  UPS,
> FED X, and the Post Office have all increased their rates and ADDED a fuel
> surcharge.  When cost of shipping goes up, cost of goods goes up. It creates
> a ripple affect across the whole economy. My Dads social security check gets
> smaller and smaller,  and my Mother's nursing home bill gets bigger and
> bigger.
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