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Re: [APD] Solar energy

> ":Economics don't enter into it<<

OK, I'll jump into this conversation.  Economics has everything to do with
it.  This past summer when gas prices skyrocketed, people demanded something
be done. There was a huge backlash.  Nobody drove less or gave up their car
for a bicycle.  I was watching PBS news the other day and saw an interview
with VP Cheney.  Whats his name told Cheney that some people, meaning
democrats, believe one way to help alleviate the energy problem would be to
increase the gasoline tax to such an extent that it would force people to
drive less, (just when the price dropped from 4 dollars to 2 dollars per
gallon) Nobody would stand for that or keep anyone in power who passed such
a thing.

The average person in America could never afford a solar powered home,  or
any home for that matter. Who is going to foot the bill to convert the
millions of older houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings to some
alternative energy?  Who is going to build low income/ middle income housing
that has alternative energy?  It will never happen because of economics..
Now it is real easy for some Berkeley professor who makes 300k a year to
lecture about environmental responsibility but try getting someone who makes
less than 30k a year to pay more to fuel their car or heat their home with
cow dung or prairie grass.

The 60s are long dead and their naive idealism along with it. The 60s music
is even too old for "classic" rock stations. Middle America, middle class
America is becoming more conservative and the progressive liberal is
becoming more and more the "fringe" When I see "Critical Mass" causing
gridlock in the city with a sea of bicycles and spandex it makes me want to
buy a gun not get rid of my car. For society as a whole to make a
significant change in their life that affects them economically, it has to
appeal to the masses not the fringe.

I do not care what I put in my car, fossil fuel or corn syrup as long as I
can afford it and it is at every street corner. When we have a conservative
President in his second term with nothing to loose say we have to
drastically lower our oil consumption within six years, I think and hope
that is a sign we will cut thru the BS and make it happen in a way that
makes it affordable for every US citizen

Robert Paul Hudson

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