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[APD] Bala Sharks

To all my fellow APD'ers...

One of my co-workers came to me today with the question on Bala Sharks &
Planted tanks.  I've never really heard of it done, but that doesnt mean
its not possible..  We did a little searching on the web but came up
with no difinative answer of weather or not they were plant safe.  I can
find lots of links saying they eat vegetable matter and sometimes graze
on algae - but i've never specifically heard of them referenced as
eithor plant eaters or plant safe.

Has anyone here kept them in a planted aquarium?  If so, what types of
plants were they kept with and to what degree of success.  Do they - as
i've read - actually eat algae or are they grazing on something else?

I'm well aware of their space requirements - they are being considered
for a LARGE (200g+) river tank so the flow and space they require will
be will met if they get used in this setup.  

TIA for all your input!


-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

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