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Re: [APD] Bala Sharks

I have Bala Sharks in a planted tank. They do not eat the plants or graze on algae at all. I have java moss, amazon swords, anubas, another sword that I can't remember what it's name is and some crypt wendtii in this tank and they dont bother any of the plants. 

What they do eat are shrimp! Don't plan on keeping shrimp in a tank with them. Sometimes I see them going for the pond snails. They also like guppy fry. Though they aren't as good at catching those as my Zebra Danios are. They also eat flake food and anything else I've fed in this tank. They do like the zuccini I put in for the pleco.

They also pick up and spit out the gravel a lot. They can make quite a bit of noise when they are doing that. 

One thing you must have with these guys is a tank cover. They are easily startled and will jump when they are surprised. The other thing is they do best in groups of 5 or more.

And mine seem to be calmest when there are some dither fish around. When I get low on the number of danios and guppies in the tank, the Balas definitely seem more nervous.

I also have a couple of red tail sharks in this tank and those do eat algae. 

Roberta in Arizona

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> Subject: [APD] Bala Sharks
> To all my fellow APD'ers...
> One of my co-workers came to me today with the question on Bala Sharks &
> Planted tanks.  I've never really heard of it done, but that doesnt mean
> its not possible..  We did a little searching on the web but came up
> with no difinative answer of weather or not they were plant safe.  I can
> find lots of links saying they eat vegetable matter and sometimes graze
> on algae - but i've never specifically heard of them referenced as
> eithor plant eaters or plant safe.
> Has anyone here kept them in a planted aquarium?  If so, what types of
> plants were they kept with and to what degree of success.  Do they - as
> i've read - actually eat algae or are they grazing on something else?
> I'm well aware of their space requirements - they are being considered
> for a LARGE (200g+) river tank so the flow and space they require will
> be will met if they get used in this setup.  
> TIA for all your input!
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