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[APD] KH goes UP after adding CO2

Please help!

Over the past week I have observed a strange thing.. when I add CO2 my 
water's KH goes UP.

Out of the tap it's 20 dKH. A day after I start injecting CO2 it's up to 
24. Today (after about 5 days of injecting CO2) it's up to 29.

My pH is at or around 7.2 to 7.4 which means I have around 60 ppm of 
CO2, and that figures because my tetras were all up at the surface of 
the water earlier today.

I was injecting CO2 at around 1 bubble per second. Backed it off to 1 
bubble every 2 seconds or so.

Please help me figure out what the hell is going on.

Nothing is in the tank right now except a clump of HC floating at the 
top (waiting for eco-complete to arrive), some fake plants, drift wood, 
and silica sand.

I don't add anything other than aquarium pharm. tap water conditioner to 
the water at water changes.. 

I can't figure out what it could be that is causing KH to go up..

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