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[APD] Killifish in planted tanks (and other oddballs)

>There are over 700 species of killies already named and several hundred 
>more known. Out of those, there are surely some good plant tank 
>inhabitants. Unfortunately, some are territorial and meaner than cat 
>dirt. Others are so reclusive you cannot enjoy seeing them. Just pick 
>your species with care, and Richard's suggestion is an excellent one.

To further complicate things, you can't count om killies to behave
like they should. Aphyosemion australe is nominally a shy retiring
fish, but 3 pair in one tank de-eyed a rasbora in minuted of being 
introduced. Two fully adult male blue gularis, supposeded agressive
coexisted fine in a 40 gal planted tank I had in LA for years.

One very quick broad-strokes rule of thumb is, "if it's expensive
it's probably not a great idea". :-)

>I am particularly fond of a school of Lampeyes in a planted tank.

Oh yeah. The blue eyed A. normani and the blue bodied Procatopus
are among the better choices.

I'm pretty sure I've got photos of more species (and populations)
up than anywhere else: http://images.killi.net - although
I'm still missing maybe half the known species. It never ends.

I put Googles AdSense on my site(s). I figure that's a good
way for poeple to say "thanks for putting this kind of crap
online for 20 years", so don't be afraid to click on the
ads :-) Don't go nuts or they'll penalize me, but a healhty
interest in what shows up there would be appreciated.

Normani http://images.killi.net/n/NOR/
Procatopus: http://images.killi.net/a/ABE/

The procatoput share a tank with come Microctenopoma (used to be Ctonopoma)
ansorgei. Weird anabantids are another great and unusual choice - epecially
Betta coccina and licorice gouramis (parasphronemus), which are both making
the rounds here.



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