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[APD] RE: bad Hair day

Hi ... a couple of questions.

I've been battling a bad case of hair algae. Finally, I decided to
cover the tank for a week. Most of the algae is now gone. So I'll be
starting back on the weekly water changes, and eventually turn the CO2
back on. However, instead of dosing the water column with PO4, K2SO4,
and Mastergrow like I usually do, I inserted some old laterite balls
and Seachem Flourish plant tabs in the substrate (and bought more
Seachem tabs to add). The idea was to feed the root system more, and
minimize nutrients in the water column till I have the algae situation
completely under control. Does this make sense? If it doesn't please
tell me why.

I've gotta agree with Tom who's posts way back got me try it. I've gone the fert limiting way and it doesn't work, even if you slow the algae down your plant growth also slows down.

One other thing you might want to do (on top of toms suggestions) is a large gravel vacuum. I have a larger fish load than all the pics you see of those beautiful algae free tanks that use the CO2 and plenty of ferts method, something that is funnily enough not talked much about when comparing tanks to see what the algae problem is. So going on the theory it's ammonia/NH4 (fish waste and rotting garbage by-products) that causes algae, I was wondering if my old tank and the waste in the gravel, on top of a larger fish load, was causing algae problems for me (a range of algae that grows slowly but enough to ruin the plant looks) . So I pulled all the plants out and into a bucket and did a huge and deep gravel vacuum until it was clear (and a 80% water change with the vacuum). I did the 1 part Chlorine 19 part water treatment for the plants and a good prune to give them a head start on the algae. Replanted, filter cleaning and good dose of ferts and the impact was awesome. Algae is still there in those hard to reach corners and on the driftwood so I'm not running a sterile environment from the chlorine treatment (even had a little hair algae come back on my java fern after 4 days), but it doesn't spread and the hair on my java just vanished one night. I've done the whole plant treatment thing before without the gravel vacuum and the algae has always come back, but with the vacuum the plants are clear. It's in my books as an every 6 month treatment I'm going to be doing from now on.

BTW it also shows that you don't need lots of ferts in your gravel.. mine was gravel only after the cleaning and plants were fine, better to have the plants take the nutrients out of there water column where the algae gets it's food from than the roots and leave more ferts in the column for the algae.


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