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Re: [APD] hair algae questions

Hi Shireen,

Two things. First, if you totally blacked out the tank for a week & the hair algae is not wiped out, I wonder if it's more than just hair algae? The couple times I have dealt with it it has disappeared after 4 days.

Second, you don't mention dosing with some form of Nitrogen, and I don't know if mastergrow has it. If it doesn't, that would be my first thing to try - I use KNO3 to keep a nitrate level of around 5-10 ppm. If you do use KNO3 you may not need to use the K2SO4.

I think the 12 hour thing has been pretty much debunked on the list.

hope this helps.
  I've been battling a bad case of hair algae. 
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