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[APD] hair algae questions

Hi ... a couple of questions.

I've been battling a bad case of hair algae. Finally, I decided to cover the tank for a week. Most of the algae is now gone. So I'll be starting back on the weekly water changes, and eventually turn the CO2 back on. However, instead of dosing the water column with PO4, K2SO4, and Mastergrow like I usually do, I inserted some old laterite balls and Seachem Flourish plant tabs in the substrate (and bought more Seachem tabs to add). The idea was to feed the root system more, and minimize nutrients in the water column till I have the algae situation completely under control. Does this make sense? If it doesn't please tell me why.

At my LFS a couple of days ago, someone told me that algae has a 12 hour cycle. If you interrupt the light duration, for example, turn the lights off for an hour to divide a 14hr light duration into two 7 hour chunks separated by an hour of darkness, it would help kill the algae faster. Frankly, that's one of the most bizarre algae-eradication methods I've ever heard. Algae seems so opportunistic, I can't believe it would need 12 hours or more of continuos illumination to thrive. Has anyone else heard about this weird method?


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