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[APD] "The Aquatic Gardener" on CD

I just received my copy of that CD.  It contains all of the issues of The
Aquatic Gardener from its inception in 1985
through 2001, issue 3.  It is well worth the $25 (to AGA members) or $30
price.    The people who contributed to it over the years and those who put
the CD together deserve a lot of credit.  It can be ordered at

As I read the earlier versions it came to me that a lot of what were leading
edge concepts in 1985 now have become standards.  For example, a question in
1985 asked if anyone knew of any experiments regarding the use of CO2 in an
aquarium, " . . other than by the German company that makes the gadgets?."
I'm sure that there are many others.

This led me to wonder which of today's near state-of-the-art ideas will
become generally accepted practices in 20 years, and which of today's
conventional wisdom will have been superseded.  Two candidates:  "Watts per
gallon" will no longer be used, it having been replaced by
a metric that reflects the amount of light energy that is actually delivered
to the plant, and the present method of naming organisms (that attempts to
identify family relationships) with a non-significant number in the style of
Library of Congress catalog numbers.   I'm sure that there are many others.


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