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[APD] Filtering DIY CO2

I have been lurking here for many months, and have learned almost everything I know about planted aquariums here. Thanks to all of you for reviving my interest in the subject, which started with a guppy tank about 50 years ago when I was a teen ager.

A year ago I disassembled and sold my 120 gallon planted aquarium in anticipation of a move to a smaller place, a move that still hasn’t taken place. Now I am looking forward to setting up a 55 gallon aquarium, with a $500 budget.

One thing I tried on the old setup, which I haven’t read anything about here is the use of activated carbon to filter the CO2 from a DIY yeast/sugar system. I had read about people experiencing trouble with plastic/rubber check valves in such systems, and I reasoned that CO2 was unlikely to be the cause of the trouble, so other gases emanating from the yeast solution must be the cause - gases like alcohol fumes, for example. So, I bought some activated carbon filters made for gas masks, and used an almond can as a filter holder - the filter with an o-ring around it fitted very nicely inside. I cemented nipples on the bottom of the can and in the plastic lid, which I cemented to the can. For about a year and a half I had no problems with the check valve, and the air stone I used in my reactor also worked fine. Then, I accidentally got water in the filter, removed it and was too lazy to make a replacement. In less than a year the air stone had a gunky mess all over it, and it eventually disintegrated a few months later. Did I prove my contention that non CO2 gases were the cause of the problem? And has anyone else tried something like this?

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