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[APD] Re: ecosystem in aquariums

G'day everyone,

 Umm, ok a little bit on the wordy side but here's some comments and
questions I would like to make/ask.

Looking at salt water tanks, quite a few of them use refugims with mangroves
(I suck at spelling) and others to absorbs 'stuff' out of the tank. Eg.
Nitrates I believe? 

Do plants absorbe nitrates only/more during the day (during photosynthesis)?
(and less at night) so if you'd make one of these refugiums with freshwater
plants on a reverse or opposite time cycle (eg. So plants are always
absorbing 'stuff' like nitrates out of the water..?

Just curious if that would work (or any additional benefits from using a
refugium n a reverse cycle) or would a planted tank with something like a 12
hour cycle be sufficient already (I guess sufficient depends on what you
would like to achieve in your tank) or are there additional benefits in
doing something like that?

Just a thought since I have a ac500 laying around and left over 9 watt CF
6700k light...

Ok I just made and installd some moon lights onto my aquarium, pretty funky
stuff, even though I've seen me. Gadd's (spelling?) website article a few
yrs back and didn't really take it into consideration until I saw my
friend's tank with night lights


>>Well why should they suggest no filter?
You could say the same about any fish tank, just do water changes, use
carbon, NH4 removers etc. 
Why not use a plant filter in that section? Remove the filter bio section
and put an emergent plant in there.
Better yet, drive the plant growth better in the main tank since that is the
focus here and then supplement with 3 inorganic ferts and CO2.

Then you can garden and aquascape nicely.

If your goal is to allow the tank to "balance", with the minmal work
load(the lazy tank) then a non CO2 approach is better suited. Many enjoy the
idea of fish waste=> plant food.

This works because the rate of growth is slower, less light, no CO2, decent
substrate to get the plants established(you can forgo this and add the
nutrients to the water column as well, then stop later as they are not

Tom Barr

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