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[APD] copepods

Okay, its not exactly on topic but it's not magentic water filters with natural undocumented power, either.

I have seen a small number of what appears to be copepods on the walls of my tank when the lights first come on. A small number = maybe 5 in a 55G. They are white, tiny, elongated and move in jerky, striaght lines covering about 1/2 to 3/4 an inch at a time. I only see them on the black back wall and even with a magnifying glass they are really too small to make out any details. So, I think these are copepods.

I have read that some are parasitic. Are all of them parasitic? Thus far, all the fish in the tank are fine but this might just be the beginning of the outbreak. Should I be concerned and, if so, suggestions on what I should do?


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