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Re: [APD] copepods

>>From: "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net>
>>Do they have little egg sacs on either side of the rear of the body?
>I can't see them well enough to tell for certain but I'd say no.  They 
>appear slim on the rear.  I can just make out appendages in the front.

If you can grab some sort of magnifying lens and have a look when the
lights first come on you'll probbaly see cyclops with egg sacs (or without
if it's a male). One small fish will eat them all in a day. A single endlers
or a small killi (Aplocheilichthys normani "lempeye" seem to be common
right now) will eat them.

The jerky motion suggests cyclops. Harmless. Good food.

They could be osctocods too, little swimming hard shelled clamlike
things. You'd need a dwarf cichlid to eat them.

Or they could be Gammarus which are much bigger and don't really swim
in a jerky manner. You'd need a bigger cichlid to eat them they're quite


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