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[APD] (no subject)

Richard J. Sexton writes:
>Adreneline? Humic acids leeching from wood?

Does your fish food contain a lot of wood?

Is adrenaline in fish food? Given that the fish eat most of my fish food, I
would imagine that they would take care of breaking it down into vanellic
acid or something like that, assuming they work similarly to humans.

In any case, adrenaline, humic acid, and other organic compounds do break
down. It may be slowly, but even humic acid breaks down eventually.
Otherwise our planet would be overrun with humic acid.

As I said, some stuff does definitely accumulate. That's why semiannual
water changes are important. Your accumulation of something will never
exceed a year's worth of accumulation. As far as I can tell, that leads to
a low enough level to avoid any problems.

- Jim

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