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Re: [APD] Substrate Critter?

"Miles Morrissey" <sheamorrissey at charter_net> wrote:

> snip...  It was set up last February
> and has evolved nicely for the last 10 months with 4 Angels 4 Otto
> cats and 2 Siamese Algae eaters.  About 2 - 3 weeks ago I noticed
> mounds of silt and vermiculite appearing on top of the gravel.  This
> gravel is the same river gravel and sand blasting grit I use in all
> of my set ups.  The gravel and ! loam substrate were baked
> thrououghly prior to set up.  The aforementioned mounds have
> increased in number of course leaching nutrients into the water not
> to mention clouding it with the slightest distrubance.  I began to
> have algae problems that I have not experienced prior to the mounds
> appearance.  Any idea what critter is causing this?  This is my
> office tank, I'm positive I have added nothing to it lately so I
> imagine what ever is doing this has somehow come out of dormancy or
> maybe I have a mutant cone snail or something.  These are big mounds
> measuring several inches across.  It would seem that the critter
> would need to have some size.  I have not seen anything that I have
> not already identified.  Any ideas?

Just a thought, Miles. How comfortable are you that the SAEs were IDed

Asiatic Scale Suckers (*Gyrinocheilus aymonieri*), often mislabeled as
CAEs, are powerful diggers and burrowers, and create exactly the
situation you describe. Usually they do it under a rock or driftwood, so
they have a lurking place for attacking the unwary at night.

That's my best guess.


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