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[APD] Aponogeton madagacarensis

I purchased some aponogeton madagacarensis & aponogeton henkelianus plants from my LFS, I checked the bulbs before planting and they were firm and appeared to be healthy, I have put them in pots containing a mixture of laterite/clay and a small amount of peat& fertilizer, covered in fine river gravel, the tank is a 2'x12"x15", the water conditions are ph 6.8, GH 50 ppm, KH 0, temp 21c. the plants have produced 3 small leaves (<1") each in the past 2 weeks, is there anything that I can add to the water or substrate to help the plants grow and not go rotten and die, as I have had this happen before.
Any help / suggestions would be appreciated.

Paul B
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