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[APD] Re:Petite nana

I note with interest the exchange that has occurred of recent date regarding the identity and source of petite nana.

Having imported fish and aquatic plants myself directly out of West Africa for the last number of years I must concur with Richard J. Sexton that petite nana may be sourced directly from the Cameroon and Guinea.  I still recall receiving my first shipment of these plants and certain other Anubias and wondering at the small size of the leaves compared with what I had been exposed to previously sourced from Aquatic Plant farms in the Orient.

With reference to the plant offered by Oriental Aquarium there is no questioning that it is a small form of nana.  However it is worth noting that Oriental Aquarium makes no claim within their text 'The Aquarium Plant Handbook' to have developed this form as is clearly indicated for other Anubias species as well as other plants in general.

Further, it is well known that not every Anubias species has been identified as yet and a number of sub-species and varieties are subsumed under known plants.


Robert Morrison
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