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Re: [APD] Saltwater Algae

Hello David,

There are no filter details.   Take away any type of bioball filter, add
more live rock, put in a bigger protein skimmer, put in a surge device to
keep sediment on the move so it can be removed by prefilter on sump or
protein skimmer and best of all is put in an alkalinity/calcium generator
using CO2 to dissolve crushed coral skeleton.   You still want algae in your
reef tank just not the green stuff.


On 22/12/2004 23:50, "David Wren-Hardin" <amygdala17 at yahoo_com> wrote:

> I have been keeping freshwater for years, and after
> reading this list and taking care of my plants, have a
> tank that everyone raves about. I haven't seen algae
> in months, and frankly, do less work than ever.
> A couple of months ago, I started up a saltwater reef
> tank. Having a great time with it, but just can't kill
> the green algae in the tank. I have a refugium with
> macro growing, but that isn't slowling things down,
> nor is the addition of Phos-ban. The hobby at this end
> seems to be several years behind the freshwater hobby,
> the approach is if you have Algae, you must keep
> removing nutrients until you get rid of it. Very
> little about establishing a viable eco-system where it
> can't thrive.
> So, anyone on this list experienced? I'd like to add a
> couple of plants to the main tank itself, any
> thoughts? I'm also considering beefing up my refugium
> to be a mud-based tank with a denser group of plants
> such as seagrasses.
> FWIW, it's a 45 gallon tank, 10 gallon sump. 250 W MH
> + actinics. 3 chromis, several corals, various inverts
> inclucing an urchin, who loves algae, but can't keep
> up. I have some corraline growth, but not a lot. I
> dose a two part CA/Alk mix daily, and recently started
> an Iron/Manganese supplement. Salinity 1.025, pH 8.3,
> zero Nitrates on any kit I use. Ca 500 ppm, KH about
> 7.
> Thanks,
> -David Wren-Hardin
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