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Re: [APD] Saltwater Algae

--- Dave & Robyn Wilson <aqua_green at bigpond.com>

> Hello David,
> There are no filter details.   Take away any type of
> bioball filter, add
> more live rock, put in a bigger protein skimmer, put
> in a surge device to
> keep sediment on the move so it can be removed by
> prefilter on sump or
> protein skimmer and best of all is put in an
> alkalinity/calcium generator
> using CO2 to dissolve crushed coral skeleton.   You
> still want algae in your
> reef tank just not the green stuff.

Thanks. I don't have a bioball filter, and definitly
churn the water a lot. I probably do need to get more
agressive about boosting Ca and Alk. But I'm not sure
where I can cram in more equipment under the tank. Now
if my wife would just let me get a bigger tank...

What about increasing the lighting wavelength? Right
now I have 10k MH. Tom pointed out that most of the
green algae seems to be at depths that receive 5k-10k
light. I've been thinking about going to 20k when
these bulbs give in, is fighting green algae another
reason to do this, or would it not be a help?

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