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[APD] Saltwater Algae

I have been keeping freshwater for years, and after
reading this list and taking care of my plants, have a
tank that everyone raves about. I haven't seen algae
in months, and frankly, do less work than ever.

A couple of months ago, I started up a saltwater reef
tank. Having a great time with it, but just can't kill
the green algae in the tank. I have a refugium with
macro growing, but that isn't slowling things down,
nor is the addition of Phos-ban. The hobby at this end
seems to be several years behind the freshwater hobby,
the approach is if you have Algae, you must keep
removing nutrients until you get rid of it. Very
little about establishing a viable eco-system where it
can't thrive.

So, anyone on this list experienced? I'd like to add a
couple of plants to the main tank itself, any
thoughts? I'm also considering beefing up my refugium
to be a mud-based tank with a denser group of plants
such as seagrasses.

FWIW, it's a 45 gallon tank, 10 gallon sump. 250 W MH
+ actinics. 3 chromis, several corals, various inverts
inclucing an urchin, who loves algae, but can't keep
up. I have some corraline growth, but not a lot. I
dose a two part CA/Alk mix daily, and recently started
an Iron/Manganese supplement. Salinity 1.025, pH 8.3,
zero Nitrates on any kit I use. Ca 500 ppm, KH about


-David Wren-Hardin
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