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Re: [APD] Amano Shrimp

>and paying it a lot of attention. Am I correct in thinking that this is an 
>egg mass?


>What are the chances of any of the baby shrimp surviving in a tank full of 
>Rainbowfish? Should I net her out and put her into a tank by herself or just 
>leave well enough alone?

Zero. They require salt water. They breed in freshwater then the larvae
are carried downstream to brackish/salt water.

It's not clear to me what the right recipe is. A lot of articles
about these say "larava must be put into brackish water right away"
while one site I found the guy said he tried that and they all
croaked and that the only thing that worked was when they get
to the first molt into adulthood you have to swith them all,
right then to saltwater instantly. He had good success with this.

The larva are phototrophic, so, put the lights out, shine
a flashlight on one end for 5 minutes then both you and the
rainbows can find them more easily.

Best best is to take the female out 4-6 weeks from now which
is about when the eggs should be hatching. 

Catching an Ammano in a large planted tank? Good luck!

(You can usually bribe them into a net with sinking
crab pellets - or - get this - live white worms which
are by far the favorite food of mine, and a lot cleaner
than any of the dried stuff.


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