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Re: [APD] Re: Algae spores

At 12:47 PM 12/15/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>True enough about the algae in question.  After I sent the message I was
wondering if I should have bothered since your post was directed towards
green algae and what I was responding to was almost everything but green algae!
>As for red algae, I don't think it is any more of a mix of plants and
bacteria than green algae and land plants are.  I assume you are refering to
their chloroplasts being derived from a symbiosis of the algae and
cyanobacteria.  But that theory holds for green plants too (and even brown
algae).  Actually just about every Eukaryote, including us, has that sort of
mix since mitochondria are also believed to be derived from bacteria that
struck up a symbiotic relationship with its host.  If you are thinking of
some other feature of red algae please let me know because I am forgetting
it or ignorant of it.
>Yes, there is a limit to how dry spanish moss can get, but not many things
can get as dry as them (internally I mean, cacti don't count!) and still
spring back to life.  The cellular physiology of plants like resurrection
fern and a Selaginella that does the same thing are pretty fascinating
actually, but I digress.  Bacteria are the all time champions though
(surviving outside in outer space and coming back to life after 300 million
years in amber is hard to beat!).

Hi Kyle;
I understand pretty much everything (including us!) are really just big
bacterial colonies or made from parts thereof. But as you point
out there's a big difference between the green plant-like alga
and the little buggers in kingdom Monera. The latter are very
sensitive to H202, the former are not, which I find interesting.

Peroxide seems to kill lower life forms first, and that there
should be such a difference in the sensitivity to it among
two distinct gorups of alga gives one the impression - however
true or untrue - that they're a lower, ie, less evolved form of

I have a reserrection fern. It's fun to hydrate it, then
ignore it again. I keep it outside. I can't even tell if it's
alive - it just unfurls when it's wet, then goes back
into a ball when it dries out.


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