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[APD] Anubias and Bolbitis

Hello all,

I have a 75-gallon tank that I will be stocking with some Central American sand sifting cichlids from the genus Thorichthys some time next week. I have a 1" mixture of fine aragonite sand and Tahitian Moon fine black sand for a substrate and a lot of driftwood for decoration. I have (3) 32W T-8 bulbs over the tank for about 1.25 watts per gallon and it is filtered by (2) Emperor 400 bio-wheel filters so there is a fair amount of current and surface agitation.

I plan to put in a lot of Java Fern to provide some additional cover and territory for the cichlids, and because I want some green in there. But I also would like to have some other plants. I don't think anything rooted would do well with such a shallow and finely grained substrate and constant sifting by the cichlids. I tried floating hornwort and water sprite, but they end up slowly rotating at the front of the tank from all the current generated by the power filters.

I have considered Bolbitis fern, but I hear they are a little pickier than Java Fern about CO2, pH, and light. So I'm not sure how they would do in a low CO2, low light, and high pH tank like mine. I also have considered some Anubias, because I have heard they will do well attached to driftwood. But I also have heard that they do much better with a deep iron rich substrate.

Could anyone offer an opinion on how they think Bolbitis or Anubias would do in my tank?

Thank you,

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