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Re: [APD] Anubias and Bolbitis

>I plan to put in a lot of Java Fern to provide some additional cover and 
>territory for the cichlids, and because I want some green in there. But I 
>also would like to have some other plants. I don't think anything rooted 
>would do well with such a shallow and finely grained substrate and constant 
>sifting by the cichlids.


>I tried floating hornwort and water sprite, but 
>they end up slowly rotating at the front of the tank from all the current 
>generated by the power filters.

They'll still grow and when the water sprite gets big enough it'll stop 

>I have considered Bolbitis fern, but I hear they are a little pickier than 
>Java Fern about CO2, pH, and light. 

Not at all.

I've had it a few times (and wish I had it now). Msot of the times it
was a small plant from a store. It did ok but not great.

Once I got some from John Pitcairn in San Diego at a So Cal
killi meeting auction. The plant has 5, foot long leaves; he'd
grown it emersed by itself in a 65 gallon tank on rocks and backyeard
mud. I assumed there's be some die-off when I submersed it, but no,
not only did it not die off, but it grew immediatley and each leaf
was as big. This aint one of your fathers Cryptocorynes. 

I'd call it an easy plant - and - bonus for you, it likes fast
moving water to the point that it grows best under the output
of a power filter. It ought to love your tank.

>So I'm not sure how they would do in a 
>low CO2, low light, and high pH tank like mine. I also have considered some 
>Anubias, because I have heard they will do well attached to driftwood. But I 
>also have heard that they do much better with a deep iron rich substrate.


Both will grow in near-dark and are tough as hell. While they'll do
better with CO2 they absolutely do not need more than the nominal
amount is aquarium water.

P.S. I checked, John doesn't have it any more. 


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